Here are our recent community newsletters. Each one has details of what is happening in the local area, business contact details, as well as news and articles from clubs, the school and various different contributors.

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Starting from Winter 2022, when you click on the cover pictures (below) the next page to appear will be the newsletter in online book form, you can download the PDF file from this if you still wish to have a copy on your own computer.

Summer 2023 – Golden Issue 50
Spring 2023 – Issue 49
Winter 2022 – Issue 48

Up to and prior to Autumn 2022, when you click on the cover pictures (below) this allows you to download the Newsletter file to your own computer.

Autumn 2022 – Issue 47
Summer 2022 Newsletter
Midmar Spring Newsletter 2022
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Midmar Autumn Newsletter 2021
Midmar Summer Newsletter 2021
Midmar Spring Newsletter 2021
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Midmar Newsletter Winter 2013
Newsletter Issue 11 - Autumn 2013
Midmar Newsletter Autumn 2013
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